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Purpose of the site
The website that you are currently has been created and is maintained by West Midlands Car Parts. It is built as an efficient way of working as a platform for business to customer communication, online sales for brand products and the informational source for all the products listed on the following website.

Accuracy of information
Our purpose is to be the most accurate possible when describing all the products on our website. In case the information related to the product (colors, description) has changed, West Midlands Car Parts cannot take responsibility for any changes or last updates.

Intellectual property
All the content and information available on the website, including but not limited to service marks, trademarks, logos, text, graphics, button icons, audio clips, images, data compilations and software belongs the West Midlands Car Parts. Our trademarks shall not be used without our express written permission.

Pricing policy
Local online stores tend to display the prices of the local currency and although we try to keep them updated daily, we cannot guarantee that the displayed prices at the moment of your purchase are applicable at that time.

Delivery policy
Our deliveries are given under the track report as a proof or speed and reliability. We kindly ask you to review our products and the delivery policy after receiving our products.

Its in Buyers interest to Inspect the item on delivery and report any issues with the item to us within 48H of receiving the item.  By failing to do so we reserve rights to not accept any claims for damage or missing items.

Returns policy

14 DAY RETURN POLICY . The returns of ordered and delivered products are resolved with basic following procedures. Product MUST be in the same condition/state as it was when purchased/advertised.
Any product bought by mistake or not needed any more by the costumer needs to be sent back to us (in the same condition during purchase) at BUYERS cost.

User responsibilities
When accessing and using our website, you are committed to accepting and respecting these Terms and Conditions, including the access instructions and special warnings. You commit to always act according to the law. You are not allowed to change or abuse any content or service from our website. In case you violate any of the laws and rules that you agreed to respect, you will be responsible for all the damages and losses caused to West Midlands Car Parts, our partners, licensors, and affiliates.

Third party links
We are not responsible for third party links and content of any other website that could get linked to West Midlands Car Parts all the links that appear on this website are strictly for our convenience and are not an endorsement by us, our affiliates or our partners of the referenced content, product, service, or supplier. We are not responsible for any offers or ads that may appear independently on our website.

Limitation of liability
By accepting these terms and conditions, you agree that west Midlands Car Parts will not be responsible under any circumstances for any failure, delays, corruption destruction, other modifications or interruption that may happen on this website, caused by off-website matters, such as malicious viruses, malfunctions, and system failures.

Copyright complaints
West Midlands Car Parts LTD. All rights reserved

All the content of this website, along with marketing materials that promote it on as third party resources belong to West Midlands Car Parts. The reproduction or copy of any content is prohibited.

You agree to protect, indemnify and defend West Midlands Car Parts from any kind of loss, harm and damage.

Permission to receive notifications via e-mail
By accepting our Terms and Conditions, you give us a permission to send you the last updates, notifications and agreements directly to your e-mail address. If you are not pleased with receiving the notifications and information from this website, kindly discontinue your visit on www.westmidlandscarparts.co.uk

NOTE: Our notifications are not related to any specific marketing information that you can receive throughout the website.

You agree that our Terms and Conditions represent an active agreement between You and West Midmands Car Parts.

West Midlands Car Parts has the right to modify and update this section at any time by posting them on the website. All the changes in Terms and Conditions are effective as soon as they are posted. You agree that you accept all the changes by continuing to use this website.

West Midlands Car Parts will not be charged for any kind of delays or failures that may occur depending on circumstances and obstacles that are out of our domain. This includes governmental actions, strikes, wars or national emergencies, acts and threats of terrorism, climate or environmental anomalies, performance failures caused by third parties, internet connection issues and the malfunction of software or hardware.

Please note that all painted panels listed on our website are painted to customers’ order. Please make sure you purchase the panel in the correct paint code to get a close match with your vehicle.
Our company does guarantee 100% color match with your vehicle, this is due to the condition, and age of your vehicle. Please take in to account that colour difference is possible due to age of the vehicle, being previously painted, and clear coat paint fading due to weather exposure and the biggest factor would be NEW PAINT vs OLD PAINT it will always look slightly different. SO machine polish of the rest of the vehicle might be required to get closer match.

The data shown here, especially the complete database, may not be copied. It is strictly prohibited to duplicate the data and database and distribute the same, and/or instruct third parties to engage in such activities. Any use of content in a manner not expressly authorized constitutes copyright infringement and violators will be prosecuted.

Supplementary information
We may have to obtain supplementary information to ensure that the part identified via the database actually corresponds to the part searched for, and is suitable for the relevant vehicle.

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